Mike Welch

Personal Training

I’m Mike Welch and I love bodies. 


I’m always amazed by what my flesh and mind together are capable of and I’m dedicated to improvement both physically and mentally. Through exploring an active lifestyle and my own physical limits I have over time molded and changed my body to better suit the life I want to lead. I love to explore the connection I have to my own body through strenuous physical activity as well my connections to other people through partner exercise. I am also dedicated to health – my health, and the health of all people with special care to gender diversity, racial diversity, diversity in ability, and people’s individual goals.

As a personal trainer I work in a body-centered, body-positive way that takes into account the unique desires and goals of each client as an individual. I take pride in offering my clients creative, safe, fun and effective ways to care for their health and their bodies. I know from personal and professional experience that when our bodies are well cared for, so many other things fall into place; our mental, emotional, relational and sexual health are also vastly improved. I want to help my clients to add all of those health and fitness tools to their toolbox and take them wherever they go. I offer holistic personal training online, in-person with or without a partner and through workshops. I am sex-positive, an ally to lgbtq peoples, kink friendly and always striving to learn more and make a positive change in my community.