Liz Miller

Personal Training

Becoming a trainer was a very natural step in my life because fitness has always been a very major aspect of my life. 


A swimmer and runner through schooling, I was very competitive and began strength training from a young age. I carried this background with me into my track career in college at the University of Notre Dame. It was during my years as an athlete in college when I became especially interested in strength training, as I began to really understand the major role that strength training plays in the success of an athlete. During this time I received coaching in Olympic lifting and plyometric training from amazing coaches. So many of the lessons I took from these years I now try to bring to my athletes that I coach. I currently coach for high school cross-country and track teams, as well as strength training in the off seasons for female athletes.

My love for running, swimming, and strength training has continued and expanded since my track career ended, as I have since embraced the sport of triathlons. However, it wasn’t until I dealt with a chronic case of IT Band Syndrome that I really started having an appreciation for the importance of strength training to maintain a healthy and functioning body for daily life and beyond. It was also during this time of dealing with injury that I became a trainer. I think my background as an athlete and going through treatment for my injury really have influenced how I train; I focus first on healthy and functioning biomechanics and use that as the base for building up strength, whether its strength for sitting and standing without pain, daily mundane tasks, or for highly demanding athletic competition.

In my years working as a trainer side by side with Trevor, he has introduced the StrongFirst training philosophy and kettlebell training to me. Working with kettlebells first on my own and now with my clients, I quickly became a believer in this training approach. These training principles and tools are the foundation of what I do with my clients.

My final and most recent influence as a trainer was becoming a mother. Nothing has made me appreciate my health and fitness more, nor has humbled me more.