Devin DeGreif

Personal Training
Kettlebell Strong

My journey into fitness began all because I was self-conscious...


Sure, what teenage girl isn’t? Yet the self-loathing bed so deep in me that I was bound and determined since the age of 14 to figure out the “right” way to get fit. Now with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University and a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Wichita State University there is so much more meaning than simply getting fit.

What began as figuring out how to not be overweight and self-conscious led to education of exercise prescription, biomechanics and movement assessment, injury prevention and rehabilitation, with self study of nutrition, and kettlebells. I’ve personally endured the pain and exhaustion that over exercising and under eating (then binge eating) can place on your body. With 2 knee surgeries before the age of 25 and persistent low back pain, there had to be a better way. Not until I hit my lowest point, did I find it.

In 2009 I suffered my greatest loss with the murder of my mother.

Talk about a low.

Depression took a front seat to my life and would not budge.

With the help of a psychologist, daily practice of positive self-care habits and yes, kettlebells! I took back the drivers seat. Windows down and sun roof open, baby!

I am thrilled to be able to serve the Eugene community and want to help you wherever you may be on your path. I truly believe that strength cures ( if done properly of course ;))

Here’s to health and strength! Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual!

I am available for private and small group training at Strength Lab Eugene and physical therapy treatment at my own practice: Devine Strength & Physiotherapy..